The AWS 704 series commercial sliding and stacker doors are used when the sill needs to be recessed. Recessing the sill allows for the internal and external floors levels to be the same. Therefore you no longer have to “step over the sill” to pass through. This is a great option for wheelchair access and the elderly.

The AWS 704 series also has a stronger sash design which allows for larger door arrangements.

  • Recessed sill option
  • Commercial frame (100 x 44)
  • Two panel slider, three panel stacker and four panel stacker available
  • Extra strong sash design for larger sliding and stacker doors
  • High water rating
  • Double glazing option
  • Flyscreen option


  • Maximum Panel Height – 3000mm
  • Maximum Panel Width – 2000mm
  • Maximum Overal Width – 12000mm
  • Water Rating – Up to 600Pa
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