Frameless Pivot Doors

  • Frameless Pivot Doors

    Pivot doors in a frameless style

    Key Features

    • Rotating on top and bottom pivots
    • Frameless style
    • Stainless steel patch fittings
    • Open in and out
    • Can be set open at different positions

    Product Description

    The clean unobscured lines of a frameless pivot door make it a popular entry door for a restaurant, shop or office. The frameless door comes with stainless steel patch fittings and handles to add a modern touch.
    A pivot door rotates on two metal pivots at the top and bottom of the door. This allows the door to be open out and in. The door is usually fitted with an concealed overhead closer which allows the door to be set open at different positions.

    Technical Details

    Maximum Panel Height - 3000mm
    Maximum Panel Width - 1500mm