Thermal Break

  • Thermal Break

    The new ThermalHEART range with a thermally broken frame from AWS. 

    Avanti is the leading Perth based fabricator of AWS products.

    Key Features

    • Thermally broken frame
    • Lower heating and cooling costs
    • U-Values as low as 2.5 for whole windows

    Product Description

    The new ThermalHEART range offers signifcantly improved thermal performance and energy efficiency. The aluminium frame now has a thermal break in the frame to minimise the transfer of heat. This innovative range is 32% more thermally efficient than standard double glazed windows and doors. The available products in the ThermalHEART range include:

    - ThermalHEART Awning;

    - ThermalHEART Hinged Door;

    - ThermalHEART Bi-fold Door;

    - ThermalHEART Sliding Door;

    Technical Details

    • Polyamide thermal break
    • Mininum whole window U-Value - 2.5